• Michael Thorn

Look mom, I made a video! or how to survive on camera.

The last 3 days some amazing people helped me make a video for my Fiverr gig. I thought hey, I have a fancy iphone, no problem right? But being in from of a camera and having to tell people what I offer as a content maker was TOUGH. I mean, as soon as the camera began rolling I suddenly had to clear my throat/ try desperately to remember what I had carefully prepared to say/ ignore how I look like I take myself too seriously on the previous take. Whew. Thanks to Hendri (dir), Shaun (lighting) and Royston (VFX) offering their expertise and

time for FREE, I got (I think) a great clip to post introducing my Fiverr gig. Now that its done I think I will retreat gracefully anywhere off camera. Where there are snacks, hopefully. Click this link to check it out:


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